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Dr.David Smith
Dr.David Smith Co-founder
National leader in the treatment of substance abuse & dependency

Richard Frank
Richard Frank Co-founder
Over 35 years experience working with recovering addicts

Steven Levine
Steven Levine Director
NAADAC Nationally Certified Addiction Counselor

Here are just a few letters and quotes highighting the success of Plaza House:

"There is a component of chemical dependency (CD) treatment that is absolutely viable. That component is the clean and sober living environment (SLE). It must be safe; it must have integrity; and it must be theapeutic. I have found Plaza House to be all three. I have recommended many of my patients to call Steve Levine for an interview. Together with Dr.David Smith they have allowed my patients to begin the journey of recovery and to reinvent their lives."

- Allan Foster
Case Manager MA, MFT, CCDC
Kaiser Oakland CDRP

"Plaza House has been around for 26 years and continues to be the one place that many find safe, secure and recovery based. The expectations and fees are manageable and realistic. Being responsible for ones recovery and consistency in recovery is essential in living at Plaza House. My experience as a Health Care Provider only suggests that should you need a recovery home that is healthy and recovery based, then Plaza House is the one that I have found to meet these requirements."

- Charlene Carter, CAS
MPI Treatment Services

"Plaza House takes a sincere interest in the care and support of addicts and alcoholics. They know the needs of those in early recovery."

- Chuck Marsico
Counselor, Interventionist
MPI Treatment Services

"Plaza House has become one of the Bay Area's most successful recovery homes due to the Management of Dr.Smith and Steve Levine. Dr.Smith's expertise in addiction has created a facility conducive to long term sobriety. Steve Levine's management of this facility is the key to Plaza House's success."

- Odell D. Patton Jr.
Certified Addiction Specialist
Merrit Peralta Institute, Sutter Health Network

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